May 1, 2008
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Michael Rice                                                

The Summer Salts Release their Freshman LP, Do A Somersault! May 20th, 2008

The first album release from Chicago-based band The Summer Salts, Do A Somersault!, is an exploration into lesson of dynamics. The tunes are organized thoughtfully and melodies and harmonies cross with ease; sometimes this is captured by 2 simple notes, as heard on tracks like “The Final Word” and “The Best Thing” and at other times it is a full out cacophony as in “Nobody Knows Me” and “No.”

Recorded, written, mastered, and produced completely independently, the three members of The Summer Salts are proud to release this music. “There are so many styles in music now, that we try to play what people will find catchy, but also have it sound like something they have not been completely exposed to,” says Michael Rice, guitarist for The Summer Salts. The songs often find a nice balance in tempo, timber, and tone and can be categorized as indie rock / pop style.

Travis Lee Wiggins heads Beware of Dog studios in Chicago, the studio that produced and recorded the album, and is also the bassist and vocalist in the band. For several years now, Travis has been recording and mixing albums to get them just right and regards this album his best to date. “I spent many months in my studio mixing and listening on a variety of speakers to get the sound naturally balanced,” he says with pride.

Recently, drums have been taken over by Lukas Krause, but on Do A Somersault! The Summer Salts recorded with Eoin Burke, then drummer for a year. The drums were recorded to give a more live sound to them. “I wanted the CD to be a great recording of how we sound live. I didn’t want to double instruments or add things that aren’t there when we get together and play.  I wanted to share that natural space that a three piece band has--it has a certain kind of intimacy,” says Travis.

The album Do A Somersault! is available for download on and hard copy on the band’s website. After listening to the thirteen-track album, you’ll still want to hear more!